Starting Kindergarten



I know I am obviously not the first parent to send my first/only child to school. I know MyChild is in a class of other first time kindergarteners. I know many other parents have struggled with the reality of letting their kid go. I know. I know.

I was FINE with the entire situation. Hell, I was seriously looking forward to it. It was a long boring summer for her with the summer camps we picked. I feel terrible. Next summer will be better. I was ready. MyHusband was ready. She was ready.

We attended the back-to-school events as good little families do. We had her backpack, lunch bag, and all the supplies ready. I had the uniforms washed and ironed and hanging in her closet all ready.

We staged the first day photo (we leave too early in the morning to get a good one).

Kinder 2017 crop

We were all so excited.

Then the night before came.

There were tears.

I HATE when she cries and I have to be strong and comfort her, when all I want to do is cuddle up this little baby and keep her safe from the world.

Newborn sm

I mean, look at her! She’s so tiny. She’s fragile. She needs help to do anything everything. HOW can I make her go off into the world without holding her hand?!?! What kind of mother am I?

Then the next morning:



Clearly, she’s fine. Every day since, she comes home with plenty to tell us.

Maybe…. just maybe… she’s going to be just fine in the world.




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Friday Fives: Workout Gear

Happy Friday!


Recently, we joined a gym.


No, really. So far, the whole family is enjoying it.

I haven’t worked out in a facility in almost 8 years, so I’ve had to figure out how to get my sh*t together since I’m not just in my own livingroom.

Here are the top five things I’ve been using and loving:

1. Running Shoes


By FAR these are my favorite running shoes. I’ve been pretty devoted to Brooks for the past 7 or so years. Once I found the Ghost 7, I never looked back.

I JUST got my newest pair of Ghost 10s last night and I always love them straight out of the box.

2. Workout gear

Because, when you start a new project, you need new clothes. It’s a rule.

I have a few pieces from the Calia by Carie Underwood line and I really do love them. Currently, my favorite (and newest) outfit is this one:



The pants are a little warm for cardio/running, but are so comfortable and relatively high wasted, so they don’t ride up OR down. #perk The tank is flowy and nice so it doesn’t feel like you have to suck-it-in.

3. Water bottle


Yes, again, it’s Calia by Carie Underwood, but this set is amazing!

Description from website: From work to your workout, the versatile 6-in-1 design of the CALIA™ by Carrie Underwood Limitless Hydration System offers a multitude of options to keep you refreshed during all your daily activities.

4. Music


Personally, I run/workout best with music that is around 120 BPM (beats per minute). I found this website a while ago and it has been SUPER helpful setting up a playlist. Because, there is nothing like killing your energy with a song that may be great, but sucks for your workout. On the site, you can search for your favorite song, see what the BPM is, and then search for other songs that are similar in tempo.

5. Headphones


I use the Jaybird x2 wireless headphones. I’m pretty sure there is a newer model, but I haven’t tried them. These are great, but sometimes they DO slip out of my ears. Okay, just my left ear. I guess it’s the difficult ear.

I DO greatly prefer wireless headphones, though, because having the bouncing cords just drive me nuts. #personalproblem

Bonus: Gym Bag

Okay, I don’t actually HAVE a gym bag. I’ve been using an old tote bag, so far. I THINK I want this one:


It’s the Lily Tote by Lolë. I think it’s gorgeous. It is a tote bag, but it zips closed; you can carry it like a backpack – it has other straps; and it has inner pockets.

BUT, the plain blue one (still adorable) is nearly half the price. Whomp, whomp.

We’ll see what happens.


Hope you have a great weekend!


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Friday Fives: Family Board Games


Although, next week might be similar, I am trying to focus on a truly free weekend. AND I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.


What I really need is a low-key, somewhat easy couple of days. One thing that is sure to convince #MyChild that we don’t need to go anywhere is to play games. Here are some of our favorites:

Sequence for Kids


Connect Four






Guess Who?


If all else fails, we can fall back on the million Legos we have and/or movies to watch.

Happy Friday!



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Bullet Journal: Quotes

Happy August, Everyone!

I am of two minds on how I feel about this changing of the month. On one hand: “Yay, new month = fresh start!” On the other hand: “Oh, God! It’s the same as last month PLUS back to school!” <– insert horror face emoji


But not this week. I have roughly 2 weeks  before #MyChild starts school and I am not even worrying about it right now.

With the changing of the month, I have 3 calendars that I need to update: 1 white board calendar in my office, my planner calendar, and my bullet journal habit tracker.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned my bullet journal much. For one thing, it is nowhere near as awesome as some of these journals you can find anywhere everywhere on Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Personally, I use mine as a blend of a writing journal, an art journal/sketch book, a single place to keep random notes, and a place to track my goals/habits. As I was preparing to change/update things for August, I was looking back through the past year. Some of my favorite pages are the ones where I just write down quotes, affirmations, awesome things people have said. I go back and look at these sometimes when I need reminding that the world doesn’t completely suck and that I can get through this rough time.




I’m sure you can see some that you recognize and others that mean nothing to you. That’s okay. That’s the beauty of bullet journaling – it can be whatever YOU want or need it to be. (and please excuse my typos 🙂 )



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Friday Faves: Work Wardrobe

It’s Friday!


HOWEVER, I have so many deadlines in the next week, I know there will be much working done at home.


But, we will not dwell.

As you might have noticed, I work a full-time job. It’s been mentioned, mostly in the form of whining. I’m not ashamed. I would say, “I work a 9 to 5,”


but, no. I work in a non-profit organization. If there is a week I only work 40 hours, it’s a miracle. I have to get dressed like a grown up every day and try to be comfortable. I do not have a capsule wardrobe by choice or design, I just only own four pairs of pants (that aren’t jeans), so I wear the same four or five outfits every week. Want to see?

Work Ensemble #1

WorkWear05 sm

pants (similar) | shirt | kimono (colorful)| ballet flats | sneakers | necklace

This is my go-to/favorite outfit of the week. I OFTEN wear this on Mondays, because it’s so comfortable and sometimes I can get away with sneakers – depending on who is on vacation or working from home that week. Unfortunately, the pants are from The Limited, but I’ve been trying to find some that are similar in comfort and washability/wearability. I have totally jumped on the kimono train – it’s an easy way to add color when I want to wear all black (see next ensemble) and it adds another layer, because my office is freezing all the time – not just because of the a/c.

Work Ensemble #2

WorkWear03 sm

pants (similar) | shirt | kimono (black) |
boots (similar | similar) | ballet flats | necklace (similar)

I do love wearing black – it makes it so easy to match things. #iamsolazysometimes Again, my actual pants are from the Limited. I got the booties at a resale store, but I found a couple of pairs online that are similar and I know there are more in other price ranges.

Work Ensemble #3

WorkWear04 sm

pants | shirt | heels | flats | necklace (similar) | wrap bracelet

Disclaimer, I HATE these pants. They are grey and look nice, but they are so old and do not fit properly anymore. It’s not an “if it zips it fits” situation, but they do not lay correctly. I have linked a similar pair and I’m sorry they photographed with the color so off.

Work Ensemble #4

WorkWear02 sm

pants (similar) | shirt | booties | flats | watch (similar)|rose leather bracelet (similar)

My watch is from Skagen and was an anniversary gift years ago. I linked a similar one, but I know my band is more narrow than any I could find on their website. Also, the rose leather cuff bracelet was part of a benefit auction years ago, but I tried to find something similar that I would still like wearing.

Work Ensemble #5

WorkWear01 sm

skirt | camisole | sweater (similar) | necklace (similar) | sneakers

I do love this skirt. I am 5′ 9″ and this goes all of the way to the floor/covers my shoes. I often wear this with sneakers (because they are mostly hidden), but I do also wear my black ballet flats with this if I need to be more fancy/professional.


So, there you go. This is what’s on repeat every week. Sometimes I do laundry in the middle of the week and skip the skirt, but that just depends on how that week is going.

Hope you have a great day and a fun weekend!


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Show and Tell Tuesday: What’s on your phone?

I find these writing prompts fun. Hopefully, you don’t mind.


This week the question is, “What’s on your phone?”

Here we go.

As a bit of background: I LOVE the Android platform. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6. MOST of the things I use are also available on Apple’s IOS, but I can’t be sure that all are.

Also as a bit of a disclaimer, we have [possible] too many devices in our family. EACH of us (3) have our own iPod Touch or Shuffle (the Shuffle is me) for music and games for MyChild, we have an iPad, and I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (tablet), and of course MyHusband has his own phone. So… my phone is mostly functional. The fun games are on the tablets and MyChild’s iPod.

I utilize pages, folders, and widgets on my phone, because I LOVE them.

Home Page


These are all short cuts and random.

Yahoo Mail


Sticky Notes – I love post-its – digital or analog. This is actually a widget that came on my phone. I really like that you have 8 different colors you can save your note as, so you can color code if you’d like and they can have titles/names like these, or not as you’ll see on the next page.

Page Left


Google Cards widget – This is so handy for quick news, weather, package tracking info. It’s synced to my Gmail and Google calendar, so it’s fairly personalized. It’s basically the same thing as the google search on my Home page.

Data Usage Widget – because damn with the fees if you go over. We have Verizon, so this might not work for you….

Sticky Notes – again…

The photography ones are below (gallery, Photo 365, and Aviary)

Page Right

This has my calendar, synced from my google calendar and my work calendar. I love having this so easily accessible that I just have to swipe right to see what I’m supposed to be doing.

App Page 1


You can see all of the folders I have up there at the top. I was driving me crazy to have to swipe four or five times just to get to the apps I use all of the time. Now, I just have 2 pages. The Email, Google, Samsung, and Verizon folders have apps that were installed on my phone that I cannot remove, but rarely use. So, they are there if I ever need them, but not in my way the rest of the time.

Easy Clocking – required for work. There’s nothing like being salaried, but have to clock in and out everyday and for lunch (insert extreme eye roll emoji).

ESPN – I think this came on my phone, but I do use it pretty often.

Evernote – Love list making.


Instagram – used THE most

Kasa – SO first world here. It is an app to turn on my house lights.


Nest – Again, first world – the ability to adjust your thermostat from the sofa instead of walking 8 feet across the room.

Pinterest – because sometimes you just NEED to look up slime recipes.  🙂

App Page 2


Rainbird – gotta take care of the lawn

Ryobi – How did I live before I could check my garage door status on my phone? (<–intense sarcasm) I DO love the capabilities, though, joking aside.

Sonicare Kids – this app DOES help MyChild brush her teeth correctly

Starbucks – I am a suburban mom.

The Weather Channel



Folder: Games


Pretty sad, I know. Sometimes I will add a new game for myself, but if my phone starts to run slow or photos start taking up too much space, THIS is the first area that gets uninstalled. #ruthless

Duolingo – I do like the way this helps with language learning, but I just don’t use it that often.

Two Dots

Folder: Photography


Aviary – I used to use Camera Fun, but then they updated and I hated the changes. This is Adobe’s editing software for phones. I LOVE Adobe’s platform. I do not know if this is available in IOS.

Exsate Golden Hour – this one helps me so much when I plan a photo shoot but want to avoid harsh mid-day sun and/or I want to try to capture that “golden hour.”

Gallery came on my phone


Photo 365 – I have tried SEVERAL separate times to do a photo 365 project. MOST of the time I can barely fill a month. I just need to make it a priority.

Photo – this also came on my phone. It’s Google’s “gallery” or “photoroll.” I don’t use it.

Folder: Retail


I laugh at myself for this one, but I LOVE digital coupons. It’s so much easier than trying to remember to bring (or use) the paper ones.



HEB is a grocery store in Texas.


Taco Bell – did you know you could order on-line and then pick it up in the drive thru?!? #gamechanger

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Friday Faves: Summer Necessities

Happy Friday!

Today I’m sharing the top five things I need during summer with MyChild.

1. Hanna Andersson Swim Separates

We have used rash guards for MyChild since her first swimsuit. A. It is super helpful with sun protection, of course, and B. It is SO much easier to hold onto or catch a wet child when they have more fabric on and less slippery skin to try to grab. #momtip

I love the quality of Hanna Andersson clothes and swim gear, so we keep using them. This year she chose pieces from their rainbow line – this was in April, though. Usually, we only have two rash guards and two swim skirts, but this year she was going to be in the pool or splashpad 4 days out of 5 at camp, so I wanted to make laundry much easier on myself.

2. Sunscreen

Common sense, I know. But these two are our favorite for the whole family.


Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection

Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Lotion – we use SPF 70, but they have options

I think the main reason I like Aveeno’s sun care line so much is that it does not feel greasy after you apply. It absorbs nicely and I don’t feel like my face is going to break out because of it.

3. Bug Lotion (as we affectionately call it)

MyChild reacts pretty badly to mosquito bites. Which wouldn’t be much of a problem if we didn’t live in the south where mosquitoes are practically the official state insect.


California Baby Summer Blend Everyday Lotion

I know this isn’t a typical bug repellent, but what I needed at the time (and still use it for) was a base layer against insects. During preschool and summer camp, the teachers help the kids spray on bug spray when they go outside. But, as we all know can and does happen, sometimes this spray-session was missed, forgotten, or not too thorough. I found that the lemongrass and cedar oils in this lotion provided protection even without additional spray. There is a smell when you first apply it – MyChild and I both like it – but the smell itself is hardly noticeable within 20 minutes.

4. Fairy Tales Hair Care


Since early spring, we have been using Fairy Tales Hair Care Tangle Tamers on MyChild’s hair. She has long, blonde hair that is fine, but a LOT of it. This trio has been awesome!

BUT… I have noticed that after 6 weeks of 4 days a week in chlorinated water has taken a toll on her hair. So, I found their Sun & Swim line. The shampoo is clarifying to remove any chemical and mineral (and whatever else) in her hair, but then that conditioner is so thick and makes her hair so soft, I am considering using it on my own hair.

Oh, and MyChild would like you to know that she thinks they ALL smell great! 🙂

5. HaloTop Ice Cream


I am not going to lie. This is HANDS DOWN my favorite ice cream. There is the “healthy” factor and the part where you can eat an entire carton for roughly 300 calories (depending on which flavor you pick), but seriously that chocolate is the best I’ve ever had. Even counting some of these local/small places that churn and make their own…. [hides head in shame]. No! No shame. The flavors are SOOOOOOO good.

I have NO problem giving MyChild a snack with a couple scoops of this ice cream in the afternoon…. and eating an entire pint of chocolate after she goes to bed. 🙂


Hope your summer is going great and we shall not speak of back to school…. for at least another week.


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